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We design extensions that become an integral part of your home. Every detail is taken into account. From a small porch to a complete New Build. Whatever the scale of project, we still believe it should be carefully considered. We advise that you contact us first to discuss your proposal. Just because your neighbour has build an extension similar to the one you are proposing it does not necessarily mean that your's will be approved.


All Planning Applications are assessed on their own merits, therefore the scale, design and position are all important factors when considering whether you will be Granted Planning Permission for your project.



In the past few years the public interest in moving house to gain space has changed. With estimated costs of up to £20,000, many have considered the cheaper option of building an extension to their existing home.


If you are proposing to build a new home or extend your existing home we have the necessary expertise and local knowledge to help you. Many construction companies these days are reluctant to quote you construction fees without seeing full plans for building regulations.


We have several accredited contractors who would be delighted to quote you a fee based on our building regulations plans.We also provide the specialist services of structural Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Mechanical/Electrical and S.A.P Engineers if required.


No project is too large or to small, whatever your project we can design something that meets your needs:


  • A small front or rear porch

  • Single or Two Storey Extensions

  • Garage Conversion

  • Loft conversion

  • Basement

  • Annex

  • Conservatory, Lantern

  • Orangery

  • Structural Alteration

  • or Small Residential Developments

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